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How to make a scissor and stabilizer organizer for sewing and embroidery.

As I was walking around Goodwill the other day I came across this thing. IMG_0637

It is rough and ugly but I knew I could make it into something so I bought it.  It sat on the desk for a few days before I figured out what it would become.

It became this.


It now sits right behind and to the left of my sewing desk. If I need scissors, embroidery stabilizer, or a seam ripper all I have to do is turn around and ta da,  there it is.

The first thing I did was clean it with a damp rag.  It wasn’t very dirty so I didn’t need a scrub brush.  I did need a dowl for the stabilizer.  I loaded up the dog in the truck and took her to our favorite hardware store, Home Depot.  Home Depot is my favorite hardware store because it has everything.  It is the dogs’ because they will let her come in.

Once home I hit the dowl and the wood rack with krylon spray paint. My favorite decor color is blue.  I have a whole ocean/peace/tranquility thing going on.  After it dried it was just a matter of hanging it on the wall and putting my scissors, seam ripper, and stabilizer on it.

Super easy!  Super cheap! Super functional!


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Organized Yard Sale

You have been decluttering for a bit now.  Some things were given away. Some went in the trash. Some were listed on Facebook or Ebay.  Some of it is still lingering in bins in the garage.  Those lingering bins are the signal that it is time for a yard sale.

An average yard sale is not organized.  Stuff is jumbled in with other stuff. Nothing is tagged so if you ask what the price is and it seems high then you assume the other stuff is also high and leave.  Stuff is dirty or broken or just plain ugly.

So how do you take your yard sale from average to spectacular and money-making?

1. Cover your tables.  A twin sheet covers an average folding table.  Pick them up at Goodwill or another thrift shop.  Nobody wants to look at dirty tables.

2. Inspect every item for cleanliness and free of breakage.  If it is broken put it in the recycle. If it is dirty wash it.

3. Tag each item with a price sticker.  Be realistic about your prices.

4. Group like items together. Kitchen stuff goes with kitchen stuff.  Toys go with toys. Kitchen stuff and toys do not get mixed together.  Leave enough space between items so that it does not look like a pile of junk.

5. Have cash on hand. $10’s $5’s $1’s and quarters.

6.   Plastic bags and newspaper (for wrapping breakables) is a must have.

7.  Make signs that are bright and catchy. Attach them to boxes that you can set on the street corners.  If it is windy take some big rocks or bricks to put in the box.  At the end of the day pick up your boxes.  It is so disappointing looking for a yard sale and finding out the box is from weeks ago.  Plus it makes the neighborhood look trashy.

8. Advertise on social media.  You can pay for an add in the newspaper but this is usually unnecessary.

9. Greet each person that comes to the sale. Don’t be pushy but if someone looks like they are looking for something in particular go ahead and ask them.  Don’t make too much small talk unless they start it.  Definitely don’t tell them your life story.

10.  Wear comfy but appropriate clothing.  Have a chair, a bottle of water, and sunscreen.

11. Before the end of the sale decide what you are doing with the leftovers. Are they going back in bins for another yard sale later?  Or are you going to donate the stuff?  It is perfectly OK to do either or both.  Just don’t put it back in your house. That will defeat the purpose of getting rid of the clutter.

Happy Yard Sale-ing!



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The Beginner Minimalist

Every journey starts with one step in the right direction.  Minimalism is a journey.  It can start anywhere in your life.

Sit down in your comfy chair with a pad of paper and a pen.  Think about your life.  What do you like about it?  Write those things down.  Think about the things that stress you. Write those down.  Pick one thing each from the like and dislike lists. Focus on these for a few weeks.  How do I increase that thing that makes me happy and decrease what makes me cranky?  Work equally on increasing what makes you happy and decreasing what makes you cranky.  When the thing that makes you cranky is no longer making you cranky and you are doing more of the thing that makes you happy start again with two more things.

The thing that makes me happy is sewing. I love creating useful things. I love the feel of fabric. I like the sense of peace I get when I sew.  But I didn’t get to sew as often as I wanted.  I began to set aside time daily to sew. Some days it was 10 minutes. Some days it was hours.  I made things for my family that they could use. I sewed things to sell. I sewed for myself.  The more I sewed that happier I got.  But I also made equal time to work on what made me cranky. If I hadn’t I would just have been avoiding that thing that made me cranky.

Clutter was the thing that made me cranky.  I was brought up to believe that if someone gave you something you had to keep it forever.  If you inherited something you had to keep their stuff forever.  The older I got and the more deaths in the family, the more stuff I accumulated.  The more stuff I accumulated the more I hated my home.  I hated that I was obligated to keep stuff I didn’t like, wasn’t my style, or just took up room.  It has taken me 10 years but I have sold, given away, or donated at least one full U Haul truck  of things I didn’t love. I had kept the stuff because I felt obligated. Now I feel free and my home fits my personality.  It is also easier to keep clean and is not a fire hazard.  The stuff I sold helped pay bills when it was rough.  It paid for vacations when it wasn’t rough.  I “blessed” other people with the things I donated and gave away. Those people were able to use or love the stuff that stressed me out. Now if I don’t love it, if it doesn’t serve a purpose, and it takes up space, I no longer keep it.

Once you start on this journey life gets so much better.  You deserve to be happy.


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Organizing your Makeup and Cosmetics for minimum daily stress.

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There are mass quantities of ideas out there to organize your makeup.  I practice minimalism when it comes to my makeup.  I only use the one of each type of product.  I don’t need those really cool brush organizers because I only have 2. One for my powder and one for my blush.  My daughter on the other hand is one of those young people that needs 20 different brushes and 100 different makeup items.  Usually these are spread out all over the bathroom counter.  She sees the counter about once a week when she cleans her bathroom.  She is the type that needs those super cool DIY organizers.  She still probably wouldn’t use them therefore I don’t make them for her.

What I do make for her and myself are these padded cosmetic bags. These can be found in my blog shop.


My morning makeup routine is not always done at home.  I go to the gym in the morning. I travel a lot for work.  By keeping all of the items I use in this bag I don’t have to think about what to pack. I grab and go.

When it is time to do my face I dump it all out on the counter and use each item in order: Anti aging moisturizer, concealer, BB cream, powder, blush, eye shadow, mascara, and sometimes lipstick.  I put each item back in the bag after I use it. This way not only does everything end up in the bag I know I used it.

Each bag is padded so that the makeup in the bag does not get broke when it gets bounced around from place to place.

My entire makeup routine takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and I still look fabulous.

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Organizing your pets.


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There are two parts to organizing your  pets. The first is organizing their paperwork. The second is organizing their stuff.  Having a pet is good for your health. Don’t let the extraneous stuff they need overwhelm you.

Pets have vet appointments, grooming, and play dates.  If you are breeding your pet there is a whole different paperwork and dates to keep organized. That will be discussed in a future post.  You need a calendar and a file.  Put on your calendar when they have appointments as soon as you make that appointment.  The receipts for the vet and grooming go into a file in your file cabinet. In this file also keep your proof of rabies and license.

Pet stuff can be overwhelming if not contained and organized.  Pet food, pet dishes, pet leashes, pet booties and jackets, potty supplies, pet toys.  My dog, Kenzi, is pretty big. My cat, Grrr, is about average.  I buy the biggest bag of food for each. I store it in this bin for dog and cat food.  I use one of these for Kenzi’s toys.  The other one I use for her leash, booties, and  Life Vest.

Organizing their stuff gives me more time to play and love on them.  I don’t have to search for their stuff. I don’t have to stress about missing an appointment.  Enjoy your fur babies.  They are good for your health.