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The Beginner Minimalist

Every journey starts with one step in the right direction.  Minimalism is a journey.  It can start anywhere in your life.

Sit down in your comfy chair with a pad of paper and a pen.  Think about your life.  What do you like about it?  Write those things down.  Think about the things that stress you. Write those down.  Pick one thing each from the like and dislike lists. Focus on these for a few weeks.  How do I increase that thing that makes me happy and decrease what makes me cranky?  Work equally on increasing what makes you happy and decreasing what makes you cranky.  When the thing that makes you cranky is no longer making you cranky and you are doing more of the thing that makes you happy start again with two more things.

The thing that makes me happy is sewing. I love creating useful things. I love the feel of fabric. I like the sense of peace I get when I sew.  But I didn’t get to sew as often as I wanted.  I began to set aside time daily to sew. Some days it was 10 minutes. Some days it was hours.  I made things for my family that they could use. I sewed things to sell. I sewed for myself.  The more I sewed that happier I got.  But I also made equal time to work on what made me cranky. If I hadn’t I would just have been avoiding that thing that made me cranky.

Clutter was the thing that made me cranky.  I was brought up to believe that if someone gave you something you had to keep it forever.  If you inherited something you had to keep their stuff forever.  The older I got and the more deaths in the family, the more stuff I accumulated.  The more stuff I accumulated the more I hated my home.  I hated that I was obligated to keep stuff I didn’t like, wasn’t my style, or just took up room.  It has taken me 10 years but I have sold, given away, or donated at least one full U Haul truck  of things I didn’t love. I had kept the stuff because I felt obligated. Now I feel free and my home fits my personality.  It is also easier to keep clean and is not a fire hazard.  The stuff I sold helped pay bills when it was rough.  It paid for vacations when it wasn’t rough.  I “blessed” other people with the things I donated and gave away. Those people were able to use or love the stuff that stressed me out. Now if I don’t love it, if it doesn’t serve a purpose, and it takes up space, I no longer keep it.

Once you start on this journey life gets so much better.  You deserve to be happy.


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What to take into Disneyland on a Solo trip.

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My Solo Trip to Disneyland is approaching fast.  There are certain essentials that I have to take inside Disneyland with me.  I need something practical but cute to pack it all in. It has to be comfortable and fit everything.  I have a whole theme going on with my attire so of course I had to match a bag to the theme of Tinkerbell/Peter Pan.

My first thought for my bag was to make it myself.  I was going to sew a cross body bag using some Tinkerbell fabric I already have.  I found a great pattern for free on Craftsy.  I changed my mind because of the straps cutting off the cute print on my T-shirts.  My second thought was making a small back pack or buying one on Etsy.  I decided that I didn’t have enough time left to sew a backpack and I couldn’t find what I wanted on Etsy.  I went to my second favorite place to search, Amazon. I found this Peter Pan Back Pack and it is perfect.

Now for the stuff that needs to go in it.

The obvious:  ID, Money, ticket, phone.

The not so obvious but  definitely needed: external charger,  Chapstick, hydro flask water bottle, adventure medical kit moleskin, Ibuprofen, and Coppertone SPF50 Sport Sunscreen.

The stuff that is specific to my needs: meal bar and snack(special diet), Tea bags (I dislike the taste of water), pen, glasses, my list of hidden gems and where to find them, and a pair of dry socks.


Keep your items as light as possible.  When you go for a walk or exercise before your  trip carry your fullback pack. This way it won’t be so heavy and unusual when you are at Disneyland.  If you forget something there are lots of stores inside Disneyland that have what you need. It is just way more expensive.

Enjoy your Disneyland Adventure!

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Places to rest your feet at Disneyland

On average you will walk 17,000 steps or 8.4 miles a day at Disneyland. Just thinking about that makes my feet hurt.  So besides having really comfortable supportive shoes you also need a plan to minimize the walking and standing time.  Below is my list of places I plan on resting my feet.

Disneyland Train- Utilize the train as often as possible to get from one area to another.  Round trip takes about 15 minutes if you need a break and want to see a different view of Disneyland.

Fowlers Inne by Harbor Galley, across from Haunted Mansion, has a hidden walkway along the Rivers of America.  This has a nice shady spot with a bench or two with a view of the river and the Columbia ship. It also has a lot less traffic and you can by pass the bottle neck and hill to Splash Mountain and the Hungry Bear Restaurant.

Mark Twain River Boat- This is a nice scenic sit down ride.

Mono Rail- This is a round trip sit down ride around Disneyland and through Disney Downtown.  It is especially pretty at night.

Royal Theatre in Fantasyland.  Watch Frozen or Listen to the Princess’ tell stories.  In between it is a nice place to sit for a bit.

Enchanted Tiki Room- The Enchanted Tiki Room is the go to place for a comfortable seat and an air conditioned musical show.  Plus they have restrooms and dole whip inside.

New Orleans square- The Riverbelle Terrace and French Market Restaurant have a lot of out door seating that you can use when it isn’t peak eating hours.

Opera House on Main street. Here you can watch the Disney story and Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln in cushy seats and air conditioning.

The Golden Horseshoe in Frontierland has daily shows and fried food.  On a busy day you may need to make a reservation.

Tomorrowland Theater- Check the entertainment calendar for what is happening here.

So if you plan your route ahead of time you have a choice of rest stops all through Disneyland.  Please share any others that you know of in the comments.

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Disneyland by Yourself

I am going to Disneyland all by myself in September.  There are so many hidden gems that I wanted to see last time and didn’t. I had two of my adult/almost adult children with me and as much as they tried to be patient so I could find the gems they just wanted to go on the rides.  I love them but I am not taking them this time. This time I will take as much time as I need to find all of the hidden gems on my list.

Yes I said I have a list of gems I want to see.  I am organizing my Disneyland trip. My Husband thinks I am crazy.  I know I am going to not remember every gem I want to see and where it is supposed to be so I am making a list and a plan.  I personally enjoy the planning part.

There are 6 parts to the plan.

  1. Budget – How much money do I have to spend and what am I going to spend it on.
  2. Travel-what roads and highways am I going to drive. Where are the bathroom stops?
  3. Where am I staying? Does it have a shuttle?
  4. What am I wearing, what do I need inside of Disneyland and how am I going to carry it?
  5. Schedule-what times are best for everything I want to do?
  6. The list and map of all the gems, rides, resting spots, and bathrooms.

There are several main websites that I use for my planning.  Official Disneyland Website,  Pinterest  and Google.  I usually do my research when I am sitting with my Husband while he watches his TV shows.  I can get a lot accomplished and still spend time with him.

Stay tuned for future posts for each of the 6 parts of the plan.






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Organizing your pets.


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There are two parts to organizing your  pets. The first is organizing their paperwork. The second is organizing their stuff.  Having a pet is good for your health. Don’t let the extraneous stuff they need overwhelm you.

Pets have vet appointments, grooming, and play dates.  If you are breeding your pet there is a whole different paperwork and dates to keep organized. That will be discussed in a future post.  You need a calendar and a file.  Put on your calendar when they have appointments as soon as you make that appointment.  The receipts for the vet and grooming go into a file in your file cabinet. In this file also keep your proof of rabies and license.

Pet stuff can be overwhelming if not contained and organized.  Pet food, pet dishes, pet leashes, pet booties and jackets, potty supplies, pet toys.  My dog, Kenzi, is pretty big. My cat, Grrr, is about average.  I buy the biggest bag of food for each. I store it in this bin for dog and cat food.  I use one of these for Kenzi’s toys.  The other one I use for her leash, booties, and  Life Vest.

Organizing their stuff gives me more time to play and love on them.  I don’t have to search for their stuff. I don’t have to stress about missing an appointment.  Enjoy your fur babies.  They are good for your health.