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Disneyland Budget for 1

I went on my most recent Disneyland adventure all by myself.  I needed some time at the happiest place on earth with no one nagging, whining, grumping, or annoying.  I had an agenda.  I wanted to find all of the hidden gems that I had read about on other blogs.  I was also wearing a boot on my left foot to keep it imobilized which made me slow and needing lots of resting areas. Read  Places to rest your feet at Disneyland. When I started planning my trip I also was on a very tight budget.  That loosened up a bit when I recieved a suprise bonus at work.  I still wanted to make the trip as least expensive as possible.  I made a budget for one person.

First decision was how many days and nights was I going to stay.  I opted for 4 nights and three days.  It takes 6 hours to drive from where I live to Disneyland.  Thus the 4 nights stay.  I wanted 3 full days at Disneyland. Once this decision was made I could now make a budget.

Hotel     $422.00       Please read this article Choosing a Hotel for Disneyland

Tickets    $220 for a 3 day single park during the least busy time of year.

Gas           $100

Food         $200  Two meals a day. I had breakfast at the hotel, refilled my water bottle, and brought in my own snacks.  This included meals during the drive days.

T-shirts   $60  Please read this article What to wear to Disneyland.

Back pack, pill box, external charger, moleskin, sunscreen, etc.  $50   Please read this article What to take into Disneyland that explains this catagory.

My total for a 4 night 3 day solo trip was a $952.00.  Next trip, since I already have everything I need to take in with me and the speciality T-shirts it, will be about $850.  It will be less if I don’t stay 3 days.




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What to take into Disneyland on a Solo trip.

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My Solo Trip to Disneyland is approaching fast.  There are certain essentials that I have to take inside Disneyland with me.  I need something practical but cute to pack it all in. It has to be comfortable and fit everything.  I have a whole theme going on with my attire so of course I had to match a bag to the theme of Tinkerbell/Peter Pan.

My first thought for my bag was to make it myself.  I was going to sew a cross body bag using some Tinkerbell fabric I already have.  I found a great pattern for free on Craftsy.  I changed my mind because of the straps cutting off the cute print on my T-shirts.  My second thought was making a small back pack or buying one on Etsy.  I decided that I didn’t have enough time left to sew a backpack and I couldn’t find what I wanted on Etsy.  I went to my second favorite place to search, Amazon. I found this Peter Pan Back Pack and it is perfect.

Now for the stuff that needs to go in it.

The obvious:  ID, Money, ticket, phone.

The not so obvious but  definitely needed: external charger,  Chapstick, hydro flask water bottle, adventure medical kit moleskin, Ibuprofen, and Coppertone SPF50 Sport Sunscreen.

The stuff that is specific to my needs: meal bar and snack(special diet), Tea bags (I dislike the taste of water), pen, glasses, my list of hidden gems and where to find them, and a pair of dry socks.


Keep your items as light as possible.  When you go for a walk or exercise before your  trip carry your fullback pack. This way it won’t be so heavy and unusual when you are at Disneyland.  If you forget something there are lots of stores inside Disneyland that have what you need. It is just way more expensive.

Enjoy your Disneyland Adventure!

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Choosing a Hotel for Disneyland

You are going to Disneyland. You have your travel plan, your budget, and your wardrobe, all figured out. Where are you going to stay?  You have some choices and they all depend on your budget and needs.

Highest price is the Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa. DIS145232 D356

For a room that sleeps up to 5 is about $466.00 a night depending on the time of year.  This hotel has a lot of extras.  Two restaurants, two lounges, a snack bar, and room service. There are 3 pools. There are activities such as a early morning power walk through California Adventure and

Then there are the Good Neighbor Hotels.

camelot inne and suites

49 in all. These are usually within a mile of Disneyland.  Some are across the street. These are usually owned by the big hotel chains such as Marriott, Sheraton, Best Western, Hilton, and Holiday Inn.  These hotel packages include a souvenir ticket for the number of nights stay plus one day.  Depending on the size of your party this could be a really good deal.

Last but not to be left out are the budget motels that have a shuttle to Disneyland.  Because I get either free tickets (from a friend) or get the three day park hopper military discount this is the route I go.  This year I am staying at the Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Anaheim At Disneyland Park. days inn and suites Disneyland.jpg During peak days it is around $250 a night.  I am going at a slow time so I got a room for $88 a night.  This includes breakfast and shuttle.

Base your choice on what fits your budget and your needs.  If you can splurge on the Grand Californian Hotel and Spa do it! It sounds amazing.


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Places to rest your feet at Disneyland

On average you will walk 17,000 steps or 8.4 miles a day at Disneyland. Just thinking about that makes my feet hurt.  So besides having really comfortable supportive shoes you also need a plan to minimize the walking and standing time.  Below is my list of places I plan on resting my feet.

Disneyland Train- Utilize the train as often as possible to get from one area to another.  Round trip takes about 15 minutes if you need a break and want to see a different view of Disneyland.

Fowlers Inne by Harbor Galley, across from Haunted Mansion, has a hidden walkway along the Rivers of America.  This has a nice shady spot with a bench or two with a view of the river and the Columbia ship. It also has a lot less traffic and you can by pass the bottle neck and hill to Splash Mountain and the Hungry Bear Restaurant.

Mark Twain River Boat- This is a nice scenic sit down ride.

Mono Rail- This is a round trip sit down ride around Disneyland and through Disney Downtown.  It is especially pretty at night.

Royal Theatre in Fantasyland.  Watch Frozen or Listen to the Princess’ tell stories.  In between it is a nice place to sit for a bit.

Enchanted Tiki Room- The Enchanted Tiki Room is the go to place for a comfortable seat and an air conditioned musical show.  Plus they have restrooms and dole whip inside.

New Orleans square- The Riverbelle Terrace and French Market Restaurant have a lot of out door seating that you can use when it isn’t peak eating hours.

Opera House on Main street. Here you can watch the Disney story and Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln in cushy seats and air conditioning.

The Golden Horseshoe in Frontierland has daily shows and fried food.  On a busy day you may need to make a reservation.

Tomorrowland Theater- Check the entertainment calendar for what is happening here.

So if you plan your route ahead of time you have a choice of rest stops all through Disneyland.  Please share any others that you know of in the comments.

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What to wear to Disneyland

My solo trip to Disneyland is exactly one month from today.  What to wear? How to decide?  What is my budget?

What to wear?  Start with looking at the average  weather for Disneyland.  I am going September 11 through 13.  Average weather for that time of year is High of 77 and low of 63.  Daytime calls for shorts, t-shirt, and athletic shoes.  Utilize a locker for a change of pants and a sweatshirt for evening. Sounds easy, right? Oh No dearest readers, this is a special trip. A trip all by myself and all about me.  It requires special clothing.

Let’s start at the top.  Shirts.  Not just any shirts but Disney themed shirts handmade by Etsy sellers.  I am going with T shirts as they are comfortable and easy to care for.  My favorite Disney character is Tinkerbell.  My favorite image is the Darling children, Peter, and Tink flying away to Neverland.  Favorite quote from Peter Pan is “Second star to the right and straight on til morning.”

I started on .  Put in your terms in the search and enjoy all the choices there are.  I searched for women’s large Tinkerbell t-shirts.

I bought 3 shirts. One each from ModTees  HandpickedHandmade and FamilyDesignsStore

Shoes are extremely important for Disneyland.  On average you will walk about 17,000 steps or 8.5 miles per day.  That does not count the time standing in line.  Your feet need the very best.  I asked my podiatrist what shoes are best for me. He recommended ASIC’s   I bought these ones as basic black goes with everything.  They are comfortable with a good arch support and sturdy.

Shorts are whatever you are comfortable in.  I wouldn’t wear short shorts as some of the seats might be a bit hot.

In the evening it will cool down a bit.  I have a pair of comfortable jeans and my Tinkerbell Pink Fleece Sweatshirt.  I bought the Sweatshirt the last time I went to Disneyland a few years ago.  I will store these in a locker so I do not have to carry them around all day.

There you have it. The perfect wardrobe plan for Disneyland.