How to make a thread organizer from an embroidery hoop.

I found several tutorials on how to make a thread organizer from an embroidery hoop.  But of course I went ahead and made it my way.

First gather your supplies:IMG_0780

Embroidery hoop that is adjustable.  I found large wood ones at the Humane Society Thrift store.

Wooden dowel with the circumference of  the opening in the spool of thread.  I used chopsticks for the first one but it came out kind of tacky looking. For the rest I bought dowels from Home Depot.

Narrow Ribbon in any color of your choice.  I made 5 thread organizers and used a different color for each.  Originally I bought the ribbon from Hobby Lobby for another project and had some left for this project. IMG_0781 (1)


Wood Glue, Clamps, newspaper or cardboard.IMG_0779 (1)



After you gather all of your supplies put it together like in the picture below.IMG_0641.JPG

I slid in a piece of dowel and put a clamp then repeated all the way around.  When that was done I turned it upside down and put glue on the bottom of each dowel.

Once it is dry thread the ribbon through the part of the hoop that had the screw to tighten the hoop.  IMG_0782


Hang on the wall.  Put your spools and bobbins on it.  I suggest hanging it above your head so that you don’t bump into it when you push back your chair.  I learned this the hard way. Several times.




Happy Organizing!



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