Organizing your Makeup and Cosmetics for minimum daily stress.

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There are mass quantities of ideas out there to organize your makeup.  I practice minimalism when it comes to my makeup.  I only use the one of each type of product.  I don’t need those really cool brush organizers because I only have 2. One for my powder and one for my blush.  My daughter on the other hand is one of those young people that needs 20 different brushes and 100 different makeup items.  Usually these are spread out all over the bathroom counter.  She sees the counter about once a week when she cleans her bathroom.  She is the type that needs those super cool DIY organizers.  She still probably wouldn’t use them therefore I don’t make them for her.

What I do make for her and myself are these padded cosmetic bags. These can be found in my blog shop.


My morning makeup routine is not always done at home.  I go to the gym in the morning. I travel a lot for work.  By keeping all of the items I use in this bag I don’t have to think about what to pack. I grab and go.

When it is time to do my face I dump it all out on the counter and use each item in order: Anti aging moisturizer, concealer, BB cream, powder, blush, eye shadow, mascara, and sometimes lipstick.  I put each item back in the bag after I use it. This way not only does everything end up in the bag I know I used it.

Each bag is padded so that the makeup in the bag does not get broke when it gets bounced around from place to place.

My entire makeup routine takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and I still look fabulous.


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