What to take into Disneyland on a Solo trip.

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My Solo Trip to Disneyland is approaching fast.  There are certain essentials that I have to take inside Disneyland with me.  I need something practical but cute to pack it all in. It has to be comfortable and fit everything.  I have a whole theme going on with my attire so of course I had to match a bag to the theme of Tinkerbell/Peter Pan.

My first thought for my bag was to make it myself.  I was going to sew a cross body bag using some Tinkerbell fabric I already have.  I found a great pattern for free on Craftsy.  I changed my mind because of the straps cutting off the cute print on my T-shirts.  My second thought was making a small back pack or buying one on Etsy.  I decided that I didn’t have enough time left to sew a backpack and I couldn’t find what I wanted on Etsy.  I went to my second favorite place to search, Amazon. I found this Peter Pan Back Pack and it is perfect.

Now for the stuff that needs to go in it.

The obvious:  ID, Money, ticket, phone.

The not so obvious but  definitely needed: external charger,  Chapstick, hydro flask water bottle, adventure medical kit moleskin, Ibuprofen, and Coppertone SPF50 Sport Sunscreen.

The stuff that is specific to my needs: meal bar and snack(special diet), Tea bags (I dislike the taste of water), pen, glasses, my list of hidden gems and where to find them, and a pair of dry socks.


Keep your items as light as possible.  When you go for a walk or exercise before your  trip carry your fullback pack. This way it won’t be so heavy and unusual when you are at Disneyland.  If you forget something there are lots of stores inside Disneyland that have what you need. It is just way more expensive.

Enjoy your Disneyland Adventure!


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