Places to rest your feet at Disneyland

On average you will walk 17,000 steps or 8.4 miles a day at Disneyland. Just thinking about that makes my feet hurt.  So besides having really comfortable supportive shoes you also need a plan to minimize the walking and standing time.  Below is my list of places I plan on resting my feet.

Disneyland Train- Utilize the train as often as possible to get from one area to another.  Round trip takes about 15 minutes if you need a break and want to see a different view of Disneyland.

Fowlers Inne by Harbor Galley, across from Haunted Mansion, has a hidden walkway along the Rivers of America.  This has a nice shady spot with a bench or two with a view of the river and the Columbia ship. It also has a lot less traffic and you can by pass the bottle neck and hill to Splash Mountain and the Hungry Bear Restaurant.

Mark Twain River Boat- This is a nice scenic sit down ride.

Mono Rail- This is a round trip sit down ride around Disneyland and through Disney Downtown.  It is especially pretty at night.

Royal Theatre in Fantasyland.  Watch Frozen or Listen to the Princess’ tell stories.  In between it is a nice place to sit for a bit.

Enchanted Tiki Room- The Enchanted Tiki Room is the go to place for a comfortable seat and an air conditioned musical show.  Plus they have restrooms and dole whip inside.

New Orleans square- The Riverbelle Terrace and French Market Restaurant have a lot of out door seating that you can use when it isn’t peak eating hours.

Opera House on Main street. Here you can watch the Disney story and Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln in cushy seats and air conditioning.

The Golden Horseshoe in Frontierland has daily shows and fried food.  On a busy day you may need to make a reservation.

Tomorrowland Theater- Check the entertainment calendar for what is happening here.

So if you plan your route ahead of time you have a choice of rest stops all through Disneyland.  Please share any others that you know of in the comments.


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