Disneyland Vacation Clothing:how to choose what to wear.

What are you going to wear to Disneyland?  Dress for comfort, the weather, and ease.   First check the weather expectations.  Is it sunny and warm during the day but cooler at night?  Take two sets of clothes and use a locker.  Daytime would be shorts, light shirt, and comfortable shoes.  You are going to be walking about 8 miles or so a day.  Think about ease of using the bathroom when choosing your outfit. Will it take a few seconds or a few minutes?  Few seconds is better.  Think about ease of getting on and off rides.  It is really hard to get off the Jungle Cruise in high heels and a tight mini skirt.

Now these two things aren’t clothing but they are important that you wear them. Chapstick and Sunscreen.  I recommend the Coppertone SPF 50 Sport lotion in the travel size. Disneyland with a sunburn and chapped lips is no fun.

Is the whole family going?  What about matching shirts?  There are some really cute ones on Etsy.   Is it a family or social group going?  Not only matching shirts but a neon color so everyone can keep track of everyone.  Going solo or with a few friends? Pick your favorite character and theme your outfit.

I am going by myself for a few days.  I love Tinkerbell.  I have chosen two shirts from etsy crafters. Second Star to the right and Never Grow Up .  I have two pair of comfortable denim shorts and a pair of jeans.  I also have my Tinkerbell Fleece sweatshirt.  For the feet I have ASICS sport shoes with arch support that should be broke in and comfortable by the time I go to Disneyland. I also bought cotton blend socks.  The cotton absorbs the moisture but is comfortable.

Dress for the weather. Dress for comfort. Dress for fun!  Post your pictures of your outfit in the comment section!



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