Disneyland by Yourself

I am going to Disneyland all by myself in September.  There are so many hidden gems that I wanted to see last time and didn’t. I had two of my adult/almost adult children with me and as much as they tried to be patient so I could find the gems they just wanted to go on the rides.  I love them but I am not taking them this time. This time I will take as much time as I need to find all of the hidden gems on my list.

Yes I said I have a list of gems I want to see.  I am organizing my Disneyland trip. My Husband thinks I am crazy.  I know I am going to not remember every gem I want to see and where it is supposed to be so I am making a list and a plan.  I personally enjoy the planning part.

There are 6 parts to the plan.

  1. Budget – How much money do I have to spend and what am I going to spend it on.
  2. Travel-what roads and highways am I going to drive. Where are the bathroom stops?
  3. Where am I staying? Does it have a shuttle?
  4. What am I wearing, what do I need inside of Disneyland and how am I going to carry it?
  5. Schedule-what times are best for everything I want to do?
  6. The list and map of all the gems, rides, resting spots, and bathrooms.

There are several main websites that I use for my planning.  Official Disneyland Website,  Pinterest  and Google.  I usually do my research when I am sitting with my Husband while he watches his TV shows.  I can get a lot accomplished and still spend time with him.

Stay tuned for future posts for each of the 6 parts of the plan.







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