Organizing your pets.


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There are two parts to organizing your  pets. The first is organizing their paperwork. The second is organizing their stuff.  Having a pet is good for your health. Don’t let the extraneous stuff they need overwhelm you.

Pets have vet appointments, grooming, and play dates.  If you are breeding your pet there is a whole different paperwork and dates to keep organized. That will be discussed in a future post.  You need a calendar and a file.  Put on your calendar when they have appointments as soon as you make that appointment.  The receipts for the vet and grooming go into a file in your file cabinet. In this file also keep your proof of rabies and license.

Pet stuff can be overwhelming if not contained and organized.  Pet food, pet dishes, pet leashes, pet booties and jackets, potty supplies, pet toys.  My dog, Kenzi, is pretty big. My cat, Grrr, is about average.  I buy the biggest bag of food for each. I store it in this bin for dog and cat food.  I use one of these for Kenzi’s toys.  The other one I use for her leash, booties, and  Life Vest.

Organizing their stuff gives me more time to play and love on them.  I don’t have to search for their stuff. I don’t have to stress about missing an appointment.  Enjoy your fur babies.  They are good for your health.


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