Organize the Kitchen Mess

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I hate the disorganized mess that is my kitchen. I have purged the kitchen of all of the things that will never be used, are broken, or are duplicates. It still leaves a lot of small appliances, utensils, dishes, food containers, and random stuff.  It was time to find some organizational items to organize the kitchen mess.  I went to one of my favorite websites. I prefer on-line shopping to retail shopping.  Let me tell you about the treasures I found!

The pots and pans and the lids that go with them are one of my biggest peeves.  I found these two items.  Adjustable Pan/Pot Organizer and  Professional Roll Out Lid Organizer.  The pan/pot organizer is adjustable to the size of your own pans.  I need two of these for all of mine.  The roll out lid organizer is going to be a back saver.

I have a lot of small appliances. I have this Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer, this  Air Popcorn Popper, and this  Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker.  All of which I use on a weekly or monthly basis.  I also have other small appliances that don’t get used as much but still need a space in the cabinet.  I found this professional roll out shelf for appliances.  I bought two.  One is on the top shelf for the appliances I use all the time.  The other is on the bottom shelf for the appliances that get used occasionally.

The pots and pans and small appliances was enough for one day. I will tackle the baking pans and utensils next.


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