11 ways to Organize your Health

That makes no sense you say?  Actually it does. Your health can be very organized.  If you don’t think about your health and assess your health regularly illness and injury can sneak right up on you. I am not saying become a hypochondriac. That would just make you more unorganized.

  1. Annual physicals and the tests the doctor wants you to have. That mammogram, prostrate exam, blood work, colonoscopy are all important in keeping you at your peak.
  2. Food diary.  This is the best way to manage your nutrition intake. Are you getting enough vitamins and minerals? Are you eating to much fat?  How is your caffeine intake?
  3. Scheduled exercise.  “Oh I will exercise later”  Later easily becomes never.
  4. Scheduled breaks. Get up from the desk and take a walk around the office.  Stop the manual labor and sit for 10 minutes.
  5. Scheduled vacations. Even if it is just one day. Vacations help rejuvenate the mind and the body.
  6. Scheduled fun/socialization time with friends. Make time to socialize. This increases the endorphins that help your mental health.
  7. Get a pet and take care of that pet. People with a pet statistically are calmer and have lower blood pressure.
  8. Prep your meals ahead of time. I know this sounds boring but it will prevent the fast food drive through route.
  9. Have a hobby that gives you satisfaction. Keeping your mind busy on doing something you like prevents stress accumulation.
  10. Scheduled sleep. Get the right amount of sleep for your body. Create a sleep area that is conducive to how you sleep the best.
  11. Scheduled pampering.  Schedule some kind of pampering of yourself monthly.  This is the reward for taking care of yourself.

Without your health everything else falls apart. Protect your health. Organize your health so that it becomes a habit instead of an after thought.



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