25 ways to have a love affair with yourself.

Do you love yourself?  Do you truly love yourself?  Then why are you not showing yourself the love that you deserve?

  1.  Every morning tell yourself you are awesome and you got this!
  2. Every night when you go to bed tell yourself that you did your best and that was enough.
  3. Do a little yoga everyday.
  4. Take yourself on vacation.  I personally am going to Disneyland all by myself in September 2018.  No compromising, no hurrying, eat what I want, go on the ride I want, see what I want.
  5. Want glitter on your nails? Do it!
  6. Buy the motorcycle, sports car, gigantic truck, whatever toy you want.
  7. Spend the day in your sweats/pj’s and binge watch whatever show you want on Hulu or Netflix.
  8. Go to the humane shelter and love on the dogs and cats. Don’t bring any home.
  9. Go get that ice cream at the locally owned ice cream shop.
  10. Wear the nice outfit that makes you feel good.
  11. Spend time with happy children.
  12. Have you always wanted to……. Do it!
  13. Read that book you want to. So what if it is trashy.
  14. Say no to the things you don’t want to do. (unless it is your job then suck it up.)
  15. Plant the garden you want. Even if it is just weeds. It is yours!
  16. Write yourself a appreciation letter. Hide it away somewhere where you will find it later when you most need it.
  17. Say NO! Say YES!  No more maybe or later.
  18. Organize your life your way.
  19. Listen to the music you like at the decibel you like.
  20. Go on the adventure you want to go on.
  21. Get your yearly physical and actually do what the Doctor tells you.
  22. Buy quality not quantity.
  23. Eat the last cookie.
  24. Accept that compliment as truth.
  25. Do what makes YOU happy!

You are important! You make a difference! You contribute to the well being of this universe. Love yourself so that you can love others.  You got this!!


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