Life Organization: Create a Morning and Evening Routine

If you want to start your day grumpy and late don’t make a morning routine.  If you want your morning to be easy enough to do it in your sleep then you have to plan a routine and plan ahead. Same for your evening.  If you want it to be relaxing then follow a routine.  Routine is peaceful. Routine helps you do tasks on auto pilot when you are in a hurry or just don’t feel like doing something.

How do you create a routine?  Let’s start with the evening routine.  Why evening you ask?  Because your evening routine is going to make your morning routine simpler and faster.  Get a piece of paper and pen or open a blank document page. Write down everything you have to do in the evening.  Everyone’s list is going to look a bit different depending on if you have children, pets, spouse/SO, school, gym, social groups, side hustle, etc.  The one thing everyone needs to have on their list is “get ready for tomorrow”.  

This is my evening list. Dinner, update fitness pal, check all mail, check selling websites, talk to family members on the phone or in person, start a load of laundry, pick up the house, feed the pets, scoop the cat box, love the pets, write a blog post or sew or research, Yoga, shower, shave, lotion, plug-in phone on the charger,  Get ready for tomorrow,  hot lavender or Caramel tea and maybe a show before bed.

My kids are grown but are still very needy so I talk to them daily. My Spouse works out-of-state during the week and I talk to him every night too. I have my side hustles of Organized Life Today Etsy and Ebay. Often I am behind in my day work so occasionally that gets added to the routine.

The most important part is getting ready for the morning.  My commute is 1.5 hours one way every morning.  I like to roll out of bed and not have to think or make decisions before the sun comes up. The night before I decide what I am wearing based on what I have to do at work and the weather forecast for the next day. I hang my clothes on the dresser handle and my undergarments and shoes on top of the dresser.  I pack my snacks, waters, and lunch in a reusable and insulated lunch bag. This stays in the refrigerator overnight. My work laptop bag, my purse, and coat (if needed) are staged by the front door.  Car keys are on the counter next to my vitamins.  I remember to take my vitamins if they are in the open and next to something I can’t do without. Breakfast is a store brand weight loss shake and a coke, which are strategically placed next to my lunch bag in the refrigerator. From the time I roll out of bed to out the door takes a maximum of 30 minutes. 20 minutes if I don’t put on makeup.

Your routine will be different from mine depending on your and your families needs.  I am a list person. Lists, especially check off lists, help me to not forget what needs to be done.  We will discuss lists in another blog post.  I hope this helps you begin your journey on getting organized and have Peace of Mind.




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